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Our mission is to help businesses grow by prioritizing people and leveraging technology

As your IT partner, our job is to own every piece of our responsibility, helping you breathe easy knowing that your technology conforms to your business. And not the other way around.

Our Core Values



We always focus on being aligned with our clients’ strategies, goals and challenges, but more than this, we value alignment as fellow humans and the ability to understand each other.

Big Picture Thinking

We pride ourselves on being able to think all the way around a problem and facilitate solutions that can have broad, long-term impacts.

Fair Approach

Opportunities, solutions and ideas are always executed in a way that is just and reasonable for everyone they affect.

Exceeding Expectations

Client expectations are our barometer for success, and our goal is to exceed them in every way possible.


In every scenario, we tactfully balance time, effort and outcome.


We believe that honesty and trust improve everything.


We aim to be deliberate in every aspect of our business, from day-to-day management of projects to client relationships.


We hold great respect for both our clients and our colleagues and are committed to maintaining an open dialogue at every turn.

Craig Royston

Craig Royston

Director of Technology,

Craig Royston has served VXIT since its inception in 2013, when it was just a fledgling tech support company helping a few fellow small businesses. Under Craig’s guidance, the company has grown exponentially in both size and scope of services. Craig is a big fan of efficiency (in addition to anything related to Sega Genesis) and a firm believer in solving complex problems with simple solutions. As Director of Technology, Craig fills many roles on any given day, but one of his primary responsibilities is to ensure that the technology systems and processes implemented for both clients and the company itself are always humming like a well-oiled machine.

Director of Technology,

Craig holds a B.S. in Management Information Systems from Rowan University, a certificate in Computer Networking and Security from Chubb Institute, and a stack of other certifications for programs that aren’t worth mentioning because you probably didn’t even know they exist.
When he’s not working, Craig spends his days raking in the best of the South Florida lifestyle: enjoying beach days with family and friends, surfing, paddle boarding, running, and lots of other verbs. Craig likes sunflower seeds, hates mustard and has reportedly never used an emoji. 😜

Paul Vedder

Paul Vedder

Managing Director,

Paul Vedder has been with VXIT since 2015 and has worked in the IT industry since 2007, which, in technology years, equates to roughly 64 years of experience. As Managing Director, Paul oversees client relations and operations, and is often the first contact new clients have with VXIT.
Paul is the self-described “face of the company” (and so far, nobody has held that against him). During his tenure with the organization, Paul has been instrumental in not only growing VXIT 50% to 100% year over year, but also helping clients grow their own businesses through the proper utilization of technology.

Managing Director,

Outside the office, Paul is a proud family man who loves to cook, spend time with his wife and young children, and enjoy the great outdoors, boating, mountain biking and trail running. Aside from living his best life, one skill Paul is particularly proud of is his ability to unicycle, which he mastered at the ripe age of 12.
Libby 2

Libby Bukley

Operations Manager

Neil 2

Neil Syx

Technology Success Manager


William Morris

Professional Services Manager


Brad Graham

Professional Services Technician


Joe Holzum

Service Coordinator


Josh Vedder

Professional Services Technician


Jason Mitchell

Support Technician


Adrian Oropesa

Support Technician


Robert Thompson

Support Technician


Nick Frank

Support Technician


Hanson Akerman

Support Technician

Brett S

Brett Sklar

Support Technician


Chase Kalil

Support Technician

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